1º jogo da EuroCup 2010/2011

José Miguel Araújo (OLIVAIS): "Fomos competitivos na primeira parte com alguma ansiedade normal porque era o nosso primeiro jogo europeu. O terceiro período foi fatal para nós e nunca conseguimos voltar ao jogo. A equipa olivanense tem muito para melhorar e estou certo que se tornará competitiva na EuroCup."

Earnesia Williams, Olivais: "This result is hard for us because we lost by a big margin. However this is a good took for us to improve. We are all very disappointed because we put a lot of effort on this game. We have to be better on all aspects of the game. We know that sometimes the ball does not want to go in on offense, but we have to stay focused on the defense, by rebounding and being aggressive."